Struggling Vines FREE eBook Promotion via Kindle

I’ve had a change of heart with the start of the new year. The birth of our 2nd son combined with work at the winery has prevented any form of promotion of my memoir. When I released it, I swore I would never offer it for free via Kindle due to the amount of time, effort, money and the fact that it is our personal history. However, as I reflect about why I decided to share our story, it wasn’t about us. It was to show the power of love, faith, learning to follow your intuition and your dreams. So my wish for 2017 is that someone who needs to read this story discovers my book and through our experience finds inspiration to be kind, love deeply, and be vulnerable. Let 2017 be the year to direct our energy towards empathy, understanding, positivity, and hope for our children’s future.

From January 6th thru January 10th, you can download Struggling Vines for FREE. Please SHARE and LIKE.

Final Cover Struggling Vines 0404


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