The Sustainable Side of Bhilar

Bhilar Plots tinto is a village wine sourced from one vine-grower in Elvillar, Juan Carlos Uribe. But this wasn´t how it began. The first vintage of Bhilar in 2011 was sourced from three vine-growers. We asked them to adjust their farming to reflect our values and at least attempt sustainable farming. We quickly learned that change isn´t always welcome, yet for Juan Carlos change was a … Continue reading The Sustainable Side of Bhilar

Between Olives and Vines

  With the ongoing construction of our home and winery, we are makings decisions and laying plans for our future on a daily basis. We were struggling to find the time to think about the landscape design surrounding our property. All the while, an obvious and sustainable solution was emerging right in front of us. The road that ascends from the river Ebro to our … Continue reading Between Olives and Vines

Realization of a Dream for Rioja’s Struggling Vine, David Sampedro

The adage states Struggling Vines make the best wine. My husband, David Sampedro, viticultor from Rioja Alavesa, has had to struggle every step of the way to get where he is today. We hope this adage will prove itself with the realization of a dream,  our very own winery located outside of his village, Elvillar. In a country where heritage is fiercely protected and passed down … Continue reading Realization of a Dream for Rioja’s Struggling Vine, David Sampedro